About Us


PureSound-UK is a small, family owned company. We are based in Edinburgh which we adore and consider it to be one of the best cities in the world. We use all our knowledge and experience to pick the most interesting and successful hi-fi with the best sound reproduction, from the 60s to date. The majority of our items were made in the UK because we are great fans of the old British sound.

The main thing which differentiates us from many other hi-fi retailers is that hi-fi is not our business in the classic understanding of it; it's our biggest passion, and our favourite  hobby. We've been enjoying it for many years and are now trying to help other hi-fi enthusiasts to discover great hi-fi systems. We know how the tiniest change in a system may produce a totally different sound and we always work hard trying separates with each other until we are happy with the result. To go even further, we produce a few hi-fi separates and components in house (mainly cables but also speakers), which gives us an amazing feeling of satisfaction and great results in terms of sound quality.

PureSound-UK has been selling on eBay since 2009 and we are very proud to be named as a 'Top Rated Seller' by eBay because our customers highly rate our service, our postage charges and speed, as well as the quality of our packaging (which is really important when you deal with something so fragile and precious).

If you go to a high street hi-fi shop, you'll often find that you are speaking to someone who goes there merely to work and earn their salary, in the first instance, selling hi-fi components. And sometimes you may end up getting information and advice from someone who is not competent at all. When you get in touch with us, you are being served by people who know and love what they do. You can be sure that we speak the same language as you. We are here to share our knowledge and experience so that you get what you want; spending less time and money and having more fun.