Musical Fidelity TRI-VISTA Valve Tube SACD Player


SACD/CD player with tube analog stage, digital data input, 24-bit delta-sigma, dual-differential DACs and 8x oversampling digital filter.

CD data upsampled to 192kHz.

Disc mechanism: Philips.

Digital inputs: optical (TosLink), S/PDIF (RCA).

Digital outputs: optical (TosLink), S/PDIF (RCA).

Analog outputs: 1 pair RCA.

Maximum output level at 1kHz: 2.35V RMS (CD); 2.4V RMS SACD.

Output impedance: 50 ohms.

Frequency response: 10Hz-20kHz, +0/-1dB; -4.8dB at 50kHz (SACD); 10Hz-20kHz at 1kHz, +0/-0.05dB (CD or external digital input).

S/N Ratio (digital mute): >110dB, A-weighted (SACD & CD).

THD: <0.001% at 1kHz (SACD); <0.002% at 1kHz, 10Hz-20kHz (CD).

Channel separation: >98dB, 10Hz-20kHz.

Linearity error (1kHz): 0dB at -100dB, 0.2dB at -110dB (SACD); 0dB at -80dB, 0.7dB at -90dB (CD).

Jitter: 150ps.

Dimensions: 480mm (18.9") W by 165mm (6.5") H by 380mm (15") D.

Weight: 23 kg (51,5 lbs) unit only, unboxed or 25 kg (56 lbs) in shipping carton.