Arcam Alpha 10 DAB Tuner

Arcam Alpha 10 Digital Radio, based on a sophisticated receiver module developed by another UK company, Roke Manor Research. This makes the Alpha 10 tuner the first of a new generation of digital radios. After the decoding of the digital radio multiplex signal, which typically carries eight different programmes simultaneously, the digital to analogue conversion in the Alpha 10 Tuner is carried out by a Crystal Semiconductor DAC feeding high quality analogue output stages. The tuner incorporates a sophisticated power supply system which incorporates a power transformer with separate windings for analogue and digital circuits. No less than eight separately regulated power supplies are utilised to minimise interaction between the different parts of the tuner. Two pairs of fixed level, gold plated analogue outputs are provided, which makes it useful in a multi room setup, plus an audio input for an external FM tuner.