Audiomaster MLS1

Vintage British speakers, built as an alternative to LS3/5a and have to say the result is excellent. The sound has great clarity, well-balanced, with very natural mid-range. With all this plus a deeper bass than in LS3/5a, the overall performance is better, on our team's opinion.

The speakers are in very good condition, have some tiny marks but generally are excellent. Come with two original grills.



Frequency Response: 57 - 20,000Hz (+/- 6dB)

Sensitivity: 84dB (1W input, measured at 1m)

Impedance: 8 Ohms

Power capacity: 30w (continuous program)


HF - Audax HD12-9D25 25mm (1") Fibre Dome

MB - Audax HD17B25J 160mm (6.5") Bextrene Cone

Crossover Frequencies: 3,000Hz

Enclosure Type: Closed

Enclosure Dimensions (HxWxD): 370x230x185 (14.5x9x7.25")

Weight: 6.5kg (each speaker)